Most people hesitate of and disgusted with the Coronavirus. It has screwed up our status quo. It has motivated anger, brought about misery, death and alarm, perpetuated distress and caused the loss. However - have you considered the excellent it is getting to our world?

Corona has actually caused self-isolation. (I-soul-action). Yay! People are really being forced to let go of their rat races, traffic congestion and going to work for eight hours or more. This leaves room for self-questioning - How do we truly want our lives to be? I think most of us would say, "Peacefully and abundantly." How does that feel corporate America?

Corona has actually triggered education/schooling in the house. In school, bullying has actually ended - children are complimentary to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule. Believe there might be growing gratitude for instructors?

Corona has triggered many services to close. That suggests there is less traffic on the families and roadways have more time together. How is that working for you, moms and dads?

Because outside entertainment is not readily available, Corona has actually caused people to stay at home. How is that assisting to save money and produce less spending?

Corona has contributed to having some people lose their tasks, become furloughed or briefly laid off. How is that helping to alter our careless and existing financial system?

Thank you Coronavirus for having us stay home and isolate while associating with our families (and even buddies through technology) - rest when we need to - produce healthy dishes - permit time to relax, regrow and merely just be. You have caused us Corona, to look at our world in a different way and unite in thought and desire to make this a more empowered world of flexibility for the person ... our birthright! Reader, how does that make you feel? Will not it be interesting to see how the world has altered as a result of this infection?

What if we as a group gave a tremendous thank you to Corona? Deep thankfulness to you, Corona, for upsetting the status quo and waking society up for modification and satisfaction. When you are gone (happily quickly), you will have triggered a more mindful and conscious world. Hopefully, people will act appropriately to bring back the earth to its grandeur with liberty, relaxation and peace to her people ... healing by design.

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